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28 August 2017

How to convert to Organic food style?

That is my long-term experience to advise you in the steps to start clean live by converting to eat only organic food products from A to Z and the trusted sources to import the product from.

I have decided to start my organic life style after I have tried it and felt the differences between before and after. I could have recognized that within 3 to 4 days after starting to fully use the organic products.

 Therefore, I start to classify the products and collect the sources and its names so I can organize my needs any time anywhere.

I became well expert in the organic products.

I am trying to classify them under weights and pricing including exporting costs to any overseas clients.

I start my day in the morning to eat my breakfast by using the following organic items:


Muesli with organic dry fruits with nuts and toasted whole grains & oats. Many kinds are available.


Organic pure honey. 2 kinds are available.


Organic banana. 2 kinds are available.


Organic raisin. Many are available.


Organic fresh law or medium fat. 45 kinds are available.


Organic Coffee from Colombia, brazil, Mexico or Guatemala. All are available in grains.


Organic Cheese in slices or hard bars. 4 to 6 kinds are available.


Organic Jams with low or free sugar.  5 kinds are available.


Organic butter. 2 kinds only are available.


Organic Dark or green olives. 4 kinds are available.


Organic breads with full grains and fibers. 4 kinds are available.


Organic leaver pastas Chicken or cow leavers. 2 kinds only.


5 kinds of dry organic fruits and nuts are available.


Organic sugar and oil products plus some seeds and Tahina from sesames seeds.


Organic crunchy or smooth peanuts butter.

To start your Organic heavy meal:


Organic Chicken meat are available in pieces or full chicken. It needs frozen conditions.


Organic Cow meat in shape of steaks or cuts or 4%-7% up to 18% added fat to hacked meat.


Organic eggs. 3 kinds available but I trust one kind. It needs cooled conditions.


Fresh or frozen organic vegetables to be used for main cocked dish. Available 5 kinds and need frozen conditions. Vegetables are potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, lettuce, mushroom, bell pepper, pea, red & white onion, radish, zucchini, cauliflower, sweet potato, celery, cucumber, eggplant, red and green chili, avocado and Garlic.


Organic fruits are not available more than Orange, Pears, bananas, Lemon, watermelons, lime, blackcurrant, blueberry and Apples.  


Canned organic hacked tomatoes. Available in 3 kinds only.


Organic vinegar and first processed squeezed olives oil, they are used to mixing them for clean healthy cocking instead of the normal (Salt, oil, spices and lemon juice). I do not use any salt or oil or any spicy stuff.


I could not find any sea food organic products available yet.


Basmati rice and some dry grains.



There are some organic macaroni & pasta products.


With all the above products, anyone can keep healthy eating and cocking his own clean food at home.

The real benefits I am getting out of this new style is totally different life style. No pains in my joints and no pain in my back after sleeping, also no bad dreams and mural and sore mental feeling like before. Before I used to walk and reduce the amount of meats and fat products from my meals plus ignoring to add any sweets or eating fat products like rice or bread or Tahina or peanuts butter with honey, but now I can eat them with any quantity without feeling pains or getting fat any more. I used to walk every day at night before and feeling tiered but today, I don’t need to walk even I feel I am losing weight and I am feeling that through my belts, I start to tie them more to keep walking without losing down my panties.

I think it is worth it to convert to all organic food life style.

There are also 3 organic products for daily use, it will stop or slowing you from getting older than what you are looks now specially when your age is over 50 or younger or older.

You better start to use it from today. I will give it to you when you subscribe for my monthly advises and buying whatever organic food products I can provide it for you.  

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